Homemed™ is a high performance, quality diagnostics company with quality diagnostic tests and precision medical equipment, which are produced to exact standards in a CE- and FDA approved facility.

Homemed™ is committed to supply innovative, premium products and dedicated after sales service to our clients, thereby adding value to their respective businesses.

Point of Care

At Homemed™ we are focused on providing fast, accurate and cost effective diagnostics and products for Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes, Drugs of Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Men's Health and Pregnancy. We also provide a wide range of Medical Devices.

Homemed forms part of Equity Pharma Holdings, a privately owned South African-based specialist Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology business.

Equity Pharma Holdings is made up of four business units operating in South Africa:

The company is part of the LINK Healthcare Group network that covers Southern Africa, and the Asia-Pacific regions.

Our Singapore office coordinates LINK Healthcare╩╝s business in Asia while our partner company, LINK Healthcare, handles our business in Australia and New Zealand.