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ECOTEST Multi-Drug 9 Panel Dipcard Shipper (25's)

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Detecting Amphetamine (AMP), Benzodiazepine (BZO), Cocaine (COC), Marijuana (THC), Methamphetamine (MET), Opiates (OPI), Methadone (MTD) Ethyl Glucuronide (ETG) and Methaqualone (MQL) in urine
Cut-off levels:  AMP 500 ng/ml, BZO 300 ng/ml, COC 150 ng/ml, THC 50 ng/ml, MET 500 ng/ml, OPI 2000 ng/ml, MTD 300 ng/ml, ETG 500 ng/ml and MQL 300 ng/ml
THC has no cross-reaction with efavirenz

Test Format:  Dipcard
Test Time:  5 min
Shelf Life:  24 months

All positive results need to be confirmed by GC/MS

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